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Jane Marcks

    Jane Marcks was born and raised in Kansas City, Missouri. From early childhood she exhibited talent in drawing, and her teachers in grade school and high school encouraged her. She was painting posters, murals, stage, backdrops, and won a scholarship to the Kansas City Art Institute. But marriage seemed more important, and instead, she started a new career as wife and mother. She and Larry were married for 51 years until his death. They had three sons, and now nine grandchildren and two great-grandchildren.


    In 1962 Jane was introduced to china painting by an aunt who collected antiques. She found a teacher when they moved to Dallas, and began painting flowers and animals. When she saw a portrait by Gay Cain, she was immediately struck by lightning! From then on, she was obsessed with portraits. Eventually she began classes with Margaret Winborn, a well-known portrait artist, who was a wonderful teacher and mentor. She encouraged Jane to teach, and she found out you learn more than you teach!


    When the family moved to Oklahoma in 1970 she showed her work at the State Show, and was invited to teach in other cities, and as the boys got older, traveled farther yet. With her husband's and family's encouragement, she accepted opportunities to exhibit, demonstrate, and teach seminars all over the United States, and the world. She has been on the faculties of numerous porcelain art schools, and has been invited to teach in Australia, Norway, Japan, Mexico, Brazil, England, Italy, Switzerland, and Canada. There have been many Special Guest Artist appearances, awards, and exhibits in various fairs, shows, and museums, including the Smithsonian Institution in Washington, D.C. where her donation still resides.


    Jane and Larry shared the business chores and traveled together. He encouraged her to write books, make videos, sell paints, oil, and supplies, and helped in everything. Jane counts her greatest blessings to be her family, and her many friends she has made in her travels.


    Jane retired in 2017 and two of her friends are now selling out her remaining inventory. Cookie Barton is selling her brushes and 1 oz mediums. Lisa Bonin is selling her paints, mediums, tools, and limited studies. All items are in limited supply.